Vatel Los Angeles Graduation Ceremony 2016

The MBA students from Vatel LA are graduating in style at the very private Jonathan Beach Club.

Vatel Los Angeles Graduation Ceremony 2016

The class of Spring 2016 performed exceptionally well this year Both academically and professionally.
Among the 10 graduating students 5 of them graduated with Honors. This distinction is awarded to students reaching an outstanding 3.7 GPA (A-) and above.

Dr. Sean D. Jasso, teaching Strategic Marketing and Business Strategy represented the Vatel faculty with a touching speech. After receiving their diploma from the hands of Vatel USA President Mr. Rodrigue Colaianni, Dr. Jasso ceremoniously passed the graduates' tassel from the right side of their cap to the left. This traditional gesture officially signifies that the student graduated. The honored graduates had the privilege to also receive a golden cord to represent their achievement in excellence.

Vatel guest of honor was Mr. Kerry Flowers, successful marketing "Guru" and funder of Genre Hotels. One of the graduates, Sandra Parmentier, had the chance to intern at Genre Hotels where she learnt a lot about marketing strategy, social media and events management. She was trusted to take charge of a full major event at the end of her internship and brilliantly assisted Kerry Flowers in his functions. Sandra not only graduated with Honors but scored first of her class.The Vatel team is proud and congratulates Sandra for her achievement this year as well as for her job offer extended by Genre Hotels after completion of her internship.

Cassandra Ysten represented her class and gave an inspirational speech before presenting a video montage of the best moments this year. No one suspected the touching congratulations from friends and relatives that Cassandra took the time to gather on video by contacting each graduate’s family.
See link to the video montage bellow.

Representatives from partner hotels hosting the Vateliens for their 12 months internship attended the event to cheer their interns. Among them The Sofitel Beverly Hills, Peninsula Beverly Hills, the Shore Santa Monica, Genre Hotels and the Jonathan Club also hosting the event.

Some of the graduates are now either traveling in the USA before going back home at the end of the month, or preparing for their upcoming new career plans. Cassandre who is half French half American is starting her own company in California. Jad is planning to do the same in Dubai. Others will go to Russia, France, England, Africa before heading to worldwide destinations with new management positions.

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Congratulations to the class from the proud team of Vatel USA.
With heartfelt thanks for the families who trusted Vatel for their child's education and for those who travelled to attend the event.


Nathalie Plaire-Virovac
Program Director Vatel Los Angeles