Admissions and Fees

Admissions and Fees

To be eligible for admissions to any Hospitality and Management Programs at Alliant International University, please refer to the specific program you are interested in pursuing.


Academic: Applicants must have successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree. Copies of official academic transcripts will be accepted during initial evaluation to determine eligibility for admission. 

English Language Proficiency for International Students, MBA in Hospitality & Management: TOEFL (iBT)–80; IELTS–6.5; Cambridge 180 (some additional English tests may be accepted) and a qualifying oral interview.

For a detailed list of requirements for your particular background, please contact the Admissions Office.

Program Start Dates: August 2018

Application Process for All Vatel Programs at Alliant International University

In order to apply, please email the following documents to :

Tuition & Fees

We believe that your education and your professional success is what matter the most and we also understand that students may be concerned about how to pay for tuition and how to get financing. For that reason, we have developed a unique approach where students will not only benefit from low tuition, scholarships and student loans but will also be able to finance their tuition through paid internships.

MBA: $24,300 (36 units @ $675 per unit)

Tuition is paid per academic semester (16 weeks) and includes placement assistance for paid practical training assignments.

Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid is available for U.S. citizens and permanenet residents. If you are interested in applying, please be sure to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at . The school code for the Hospitality and Management programs at California International Business University is 042347

For more information on U.S. Student Loans:

For more information on scholarships for US Students: 

For more information on scholarships for International Students: 

==2017 Vatel USA-Program Application Form==.pdf