My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: an international choice

A Vatel France student, Roxane Hamel will tell us about the year she spent in Asia.

My Marco Polo year in Vietnam: an international choice

“When you go to Vatel, you’re committed to an international outlook.

Even though this is a very satisfying philosophy, it’s one that requires a good deal of efforts.Being accepted in another Vatel Campus for the Marco Polo program is one thing, but succeeding in this experience is quite another.

When you go abroad you have to have:

* a large ability of adaptation,

* a certain amount of humility

* the ability to resist administrative red tape,

*  wisdom so as not to put yourself in danger,

* the ability to overturn your own habits and live outside of your comfort zone.

I spent a year in the Vatel Ho Chi Mihn School in Vietnam, before doing my internship in theInterContinental Danang Citron Restaurant as the Supervisor.

I took advantage of my time there to visit Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Japan. I came back home much more mature and better armed to confront all the challenges that I’ve set for myself.

Yesterday Asia, today France, and tomorrow, the world!”

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