A hotel director’s logbook

A 2016 alumnus and now the director of a three-star hotel in Chambery, Jade Perrenes tells us what she does every day.

A hotel director’s logbook

Arrival: around 9:00 at the trendy Hotel des Princes

Beginning of the day: 

  • Greeting guests in the breakfast dining room.
  • A quick meeting with the front desk manager to learn about figures from the day before and his or her impressions of the atmosphere in the hotel.
  • A meeting with housekeeping staff to assess what they need. 

Each week: 

  • Monitoring the current day in the hotel 
  • Answering emails and comments on social networks
  • Analyzing financial data 
  • Individual and team management
  • Shopping for fresh produce

Can vary on a daily basis: EVERYTHING! Each day is different. Between the employees, guests, suppliers, equipment, etc., you can’t predict what could happen. 

Works with these departments: a hotel director works with each department and has to know what’s going on everywhere. Team spirit and communication are very important in this job. Each department depends on the others.

Contact with guests: every day, almost every hour. And even more so when I have to replace someone unexpectedly.

Atmosphere here: a warm, intimate and family-based atmosphere. 

End of the day: I never know, because once again, each day is different. 

Advantages of this job: versatility and mutual assistance between staff members. 

Selection for the Specialization Program
Selection for the Specialization Program

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