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Olivia BAUDA

Sales Specialist, Groups & Events

Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai
Class of 2017

Dubai, United Arab Emirates Return


Could you tell us why you decided to study at Vatel? 

I decided to study at Vatel because I wanted to join my dad in the hospitality sector because I was brought up in this field and I saw the back and front scene of an hotel. Vatel was the best option for me because it was a way, I could stay in my home country for my first year of studies and do something I like.  “It’s always a bit difficult to leave everything straight behind after high school and move on your own to a new country and on top of that to a new school. 

So, you would say that Vatel lived up to your expectations? 

Yes definitely. What I liked and actually it helps a lot on daily basis in my current job is that we had to touch every department at Vatel even if it was not the department, we would end up in. From operations to administration we had it all. I will never forget that day in class when the teacher mentioned to us “well as a manager one day how would you ask your waiter to hold a tray properly if you don’t know yourself how to do it the proper way” - that made a click. 


Where did you do your practical application work and internships? 

I started with The St Regis Mauritius in the first year, then was in Marco Polo in Nîmes, France in second year so did it In Vatel hotel & Spa. My second-year internship was in Dubai and in third year I was at the Sofitel L’Imperial Mauritius.


Can you tell us in detail what you do then?

First and second year were purely operational. Then for the second-year internship I was in the sales department at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dubai. The third year I was with the Spa Management at the Sofitel


What do you think of Vatel opening in Bahrain? 

It’s a good opportunity. The Middle East know the name Vatel. Now that it is next to them it’s even better and well there is so much internship and job opportunities in hospitality in the Middle East, so it is great for the students also.

 Would you like to add anything? 

What students need to understand is as the Vatel motto says, “it opens yourself to the world to succeed”. So, it will provide you the package to go and succeed. The rest of the work should be yours, your motivation and patience. Never let go. Keep up the hard work and if it does not pay now it shall pay later.

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