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Cultivating the art of being a Vatelien - Vatel

Cultivating the art of being a Vatelien

Besides having a Bachelor or an MBA Vatel, what does being a Vatelien mean?


Some 35,000 people throughout the world have this distinction and instinctively know the answer. This explains why Vatel alumni trust each other, especially when they need to hire someone.

“Vateliens understand new ways of working,” explains Tuangsup Wichaisorn, the Conrad Bangkok HR Manager. A Vatel Bangkok 2016 alumnus, she already has this double experience: being a Vatelien and recruiting students from her school for internships. She adds: “We know how to ask questions when we don’t understand, we’re flexible. Vateliens also have more experience in the workplace, compared with other hospitality schools in Thailand. They do more internships, thus learning the right professional gestures straightaway.”

Sophie Blondel, who is the Curator of the Radisson RED Brussels and a Vatel Paris 2003 alumnus, says the same thing and adds that she felt “right at home” when she started her courses at a Vatel school after having studied international law. She recognizes herself in Vatel’s culture. She adds “its students are eager to learn, they want to discover, try everything out, and this is what helps us empower them. They’re autonomous because they’ve got self-confidence - sometimes too much for some of them and this can lead to impassioned relationships with them! Solid and stable, their career profiles become easier to hone.”

Being a Vatelien means having gone to one of the Vatel schools, wherever it may be in the world, having had theoretical and practical application courses recognized by all, and being a part of a quickly growing international network. Vateliens all have precise and very personnel memories of the time they spent at school. They make up a family and thanks to the network of Ambassadors, talk about the hotels they’re familiar with, classmates they’ve perhaps not seen in a while, projects they have for the future and their opportunities.

To make this network a more professional one, truly an asset helping its alumni to be promoted in their careers, Vatel has put services in place such as a club, meetings, a “digital thread” which uses social networks and allows everyone who wants to stay in contact to do so. Jobs vacancies and searches are also included next to other functions which strengthen the dimension of closeness and contribute to making the link between members of the community even more dynamic.

[Image: the silver jewel that each Vatelien receives at the graduation ceremony.]

When you’re a Vatelien for a day, you’re a Vatelien forever.

Perpetuating relationships between students and our school

“In today’s society, where links are hard to maintain, we must perpetuate the relationship between our school and its alumni,” explains Delphine Cinquin, the Vatel Lyon Head of Studies, in charge of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes Ambassadors’ network, one of the largest regions in France.

The vocation shared by these Ambassadors is of course to allow its alumni who work in the same region to get together, to expand their relationships by organizing three or four events per year, to understand that “when you’re a Vatelien for a day, you’re a Vatelien forever,” according to her formula, as she believes that “alumni are the best communication a business school can have.”

"Meeting students from the same school is fantastic!"

Vatel Mauritius 2013 alumnus, Jenna Li-Strokova, Deputy Manager of Banquets and Sales for the W Dubai - The Palm group, heads the Vatel Club in the United Arab Emirates. This club has about 150 Vatel alumni from the entire world. “We also welcome a lot of students who are studying in Vatel schools and doing internships in the United Arab Emirates,” she adds. “The club is important as it builds our professional network and helps us solve problems, even personal ones! Newly arrived persons often contact us for advice and support, which strengthens our links. “Meeting students attending the same school is fantastic, there’s so much to share and tell! With the other Ambassadors, we organize meeting and networking events. We can talk about what we’ve done and increase our contacts that way. I also use social networks like Facebook to interact with club members, celebrate their success or just stay in touch. A lot of people who have just moved here contact me because of our Facebook page.”

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