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HOSPITALITY FORWARD Guest Speaker Series - James Lemon - Vatel

HOSPITALITY FORWARD Guest Speaker Series - James Lemon

New strategies and innovations for post crisis hospitality and the Power of mentorship


The Hospitality Forward webinars are offered by Vatel USA Hospitality Management Institute in partnership with Alliant University and is intended for our students or anyone interested with the Hospitality Industry. Our goal is to present the perspectives of leaders and forward thinkers in the hospitality industry in order to help facing the current world crisis.

Speaker: James Lemon is a Hospitality Strategist for major hotel brands, ownership groups & technology partners

Is hospitality too short term-ist?. While the crisis has been challenging for everyone, we’ve witnessed moments of incredible strength, innovation and leadership. While some businesses and leaders have bounced back fast, others are trying to use the same legacy approaches and are falling behind.


In this webinar, we are exploring how hospitality businesses – hotels & other accommodation providers – can build plans for the next 2/3 years that provide resiliency and drive higher revenues while streamlining costs.


We also be look at how hospitality professionals can build resiliency, by using thoughtful mentoring to develop a fresh approach to your work, your development and by learning from those that have field experience to share.

James introduces his new platform  The Growth Works which allows young professionals and hospitality students to choose and meet a professional mentor. A free way to get a career edge much needed in the current times. 

Watch the Webinar recording :

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