2015: The year of China

The Group’s pilot School is celebrating its 25th anniversary: students, with songs, dances and sketches put on a great show for their guests!

2015: The year of China

It’s now official! The 28th Vatel School will be opening in Shanghai. On January 28, Alain Sebban, the President and Founder of Vatel Group and the future Directors, Stephane and Jacqueline LIU, signed the official document creating this new Campus, in presence of Mrs. Ju WANG, the General Council of the Chinese People's Republic in Lyon and other local government members.

No one doubts anymore that China will become the world’s leading tourist destination. Son mere size, its international attraction and above all, its insatiable domestic market, will soon place it out of reach of the traditional market leaders. The immense Middle Kingdom has something for tourists all over the world: an enviable history and culture, sumptuous and still largely unrecognized landscapes, sprawling cities that have become economic and technical hubs, without forgetting its beaches and ski resorts. Above all, however, China will be drawing on its domestic market: hundreds of millions of Chinese, who love traveling and shopping, want to discover their own country.


The Chinese hospitality industry needs well trained professionals

Nearly 170 Chinese cities have over a million inhabitants and the total revenue generated by tourism is expected to reach 300 trillion euros in 2015.  China already has between 2 and 2.5 million hotel rooms and this plethora of hotels is still expanding. Vatel, the 1st Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management, has already prepared the strategy matching these high stakes, which serves the Chinese people themselves. In China, education is a priority; families often take out large loans to finance very expensive studies for their children. Currently in China, students are encouraged to do their under-graduate degree in their country, and then a post-graduate degree abroad, or in a university proposing a double international degree.


5 Vatel Campuses in China

This new approach has led Vatel Group to locate their first Chinese Campus in Huangshan. As of the next academic year, three more Campuses will be opened in Fujian, Shenzen and Kunming. These four Vatel Schools, created with the participation of Chinese universities, will allow their students to do a four-year Bachelor Vatel program, in compliance with the educational system in China.

The fifth School, located in Shanghai and directed by Stephane and Jacqueline LIU, will open its doors in September, 2016. The curriculum will be based on the French model: students will prepare their Bachelor Vatel in just three years instead of four, and their MBA Vatel in two more years; it will include the mixture of academic theory combined with professional experience in the School’s application restaurant and hotel. Courses will be given in English as of the first year and French language courses will also be given, as French is a key language in the luxury brand management industry. Students will be able to take advantage of the Marco Polo program to do their second year in another Vatel Campus anyplace in the world; they will have to do at least one of their internships abroad; in their fifth year they will compete against each other in the Vatel International Business Game; they will be able to choose a specialization in their fifth year from the nine offered throughout the world and they will become a part of the network of 27,000 Vateliens who work all over the world.

From left to right:  Roland Bernard, a Counselor and Member of the Permanent Lyon Metropolis Commission; Ju Wang, the General Council of the Chinese People's Republic in Lyon; Alain Sebban, the Vatel Group President and Founder; Stephane Liu and Jacqueline Liu, his wife, Co-Directors of Vatel Shanghai; Denis Broliquier, the Mayor of the 2nd district of Lyon.

Bachelor Vatel is a certified degree in International Hotel Management
MBA Vatel is a certified degree in International Hotel Management