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Successful Vatelien Journey: Thomas Lefèvre

Meet Thomas LeFevre, an esteemed alumnus of Vatel USA, whose journey from Paris to the pinnacle of the hospitality world exemplifies the very essence of resilience and excellence.


In the realm of the hospitality industry, exceptional stories of individuals who rise above challenges to achieve remarkable success stand as true testaments to the power of dedication and education. Meet Thomas LeFevre, an esteemed alumnus of Vatel USA, whose journey from Paris to the pinnacle of the hospitality world exemplifies the very essence of resilience and excellence.

Thomas' journey commenced with a commitment to transcend borders and master not only the art of hospitality, but also the English language. Amidst his pursuit of law at Paris Panthéon-Assas, a transfer opportunity to a hospitality business in Rhode Island influenced a transformative decision. Recognizing the role of English proficiency in his aspirations, he embarked on a journey to Vatel USA in Los Angeles in 2013.

His tenure at Vatel USA brought forth a transformative chapter marked by experiential learning and academic capacity. His immersive curricular practical training at the esteemed The Bazaar - Beverly Hills unveiled the intricacies of luxury restaurant management, seamlessly bridging theoretical knowledge with real-world applications. He gained valuable proficiencies through this training, including refined etiquette, guest interactions, adept customer relations, handling challenges and concerns, and effectively managing customer dissatisfaction. 

The academic voyage was anchored by Vatel USA's faculty, particularly Professor Jasso, whose teaching expertise left a lasting mark. The curriculum's approach provided Thomas with unmatched insights into marketing, communications, and operational strategies unique to the hospitality domain. He greatly appreciated the operational standpoint, an aspect that was notably absent from his prior educational experiences. The insights provided during classes extended well beyond his expectations, especially concerning ratio analysis, marketing strategies, and effective positioning.

After graduating in 2014, Thomas embarked on a professional journey that underscored his unwavering commitment to excellence. In the face of economic uncertainties back home in Paris, he displayed remarkable adaptability, charting a course that led him through diverse roles. Then from 2016 to 2018, his tenure at the prestigious Hotel Le Saint saw him evolve from Sales Executive to Sales Manager and subsequently, Food & Beverage Manager. Each role was marked by his keen insights and strategic capability, propelling the establishment to greater heights.

A pivotal chapter of his journey unfolded at the esteemed Shangri-La in 2018, where his role as Stewarding Manager showcased his leadership finesse. The Shangri-La in Paris holds the distinguished "Palace" classification, a prestigious accolade acknowledged by the French government. This exclusive French classification, surpassing the conventional 5-Star standard, is a rarity, bestowed upon less than 30 select properties nationwide. It represents the pinnacle of unparalleled service quality within the French hospitality landscape. In this challenging but rewarding environment, Thomas’ dedication ensured operational excellence and adherence to stringent safety standards. His subsequent transition to In-Room Director, amid the throes of a global pandemic, demonstrated his mettle and ability to deliver exceptional standards in testing times.

Thomas' trajectory then moved forward to The Bristol Paris, initially giving him the opportunity to demonstrate his expertise. He took the helm of a comprehensive project aimed at revitalizing the room service area, all the while overseeing the recruitment of new team members. Subsequently, he transitioned to the role of Food & Beverage Manager, a position he presently holds. He mentions that the Bristol is a top 10 global luxury city hotel and part of the exclusive Oetker Collection, known for unique properties worldwide. His F&B manager role at the Bristol has been more challenging than at his time at Le Saint due to a much higher business volume.

His dedication and contributions in this capacity earned him recognition for delivering exceptional service quality. His impact was felt not only in operational excellence but also in his role as a strategic thinker, driving innovative projects and leading with a vision of exceptional guest experiences.

Thomas imparts valuable insights for aspiring hospitality enthusiasts:

  1. Mastery of Communication: Proficiency in English opens doors to global opportunities.
  2. Perseverance Pays Off: Success is a product of consistent effort and continuous learning.
  3. Seize Leadership Opportunities: Embrace challenges and grow through proactive initiatives.
  4. Innovation and Adaptability: Thrive in a dynamic industry by embracing change and innovation.

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